Our Mission

Changing Suits is a non-profit organisation, on a mission to break cultural taboos and build awareness about the South Asian community.

The cultural stigma created by the question ‘What will the community say?’ has meant generations of South Asians are living in fear of speaking out about everyday issues. This has resulted in individuals suffering in silence and feeling they have nowhere and no one to turn to.

Changing Suits has been established to openly discuss the cultural problems faced by the community. We also work with local charities and organisations to understand the South Asian community’s needs and how to support them.

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What we do

We work with the South Asian community to raise awareness of mental health, its causes and impacts. Through a number of projects, we want to open up the conversation about subjects, which have a stigma within the community.

Changing Suits Podcast –  breaking through cultural barriers to raise awareness about the South Asian community through conversation with professionals

Wellbeing Workshops – a safe space to social, talk, learn a new skill and have fun.

Taboo!Talk – an online discussion groups where attendees can join the conversation to give their opinions and questions on specific taboo topics

Sahara Health Fair – consultants and service providers raise awareness about mental health topics and discuss what services are available to the South Asian community

Service Provider Awareness – information days and an opportunity for health professionals and service providers to reach talk to the South Asian community to provide information and understand about various issues

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Our local team are embedded within the UK South West South Asian community and are able to provide a platform for organisations to spread their important messages.

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