Listen each week to the Changing Suits Podcast, where Bal and Taj explore and openly discuss taboo topics within the South Asian community.

Bal & Taj talk about their journeys as 2nd generation British Asians’ growing up in the Western world with a LARGE dose of tradition.

The hosts are joined by fantastic guest speakers and professional organisations. They share opinions and experiences in their fields of expertise, to celebrate the positives of the South Asian rich cultures, whilst also raising awareness of cultural stigma.

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The Changing Suits Podcast covers a range of subjects that are taboo within our culture – so they have a lot to discuss!

Join us every week for the ups and downs, laughs and tears!

Listen to the Changing Suits Podcast for us to discuss – Who cares about  ‘what will the community say?’!

The podcasts are published weekly on various platforms including Apple Podcast and Spotify.

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