Service Providers

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Research suggests that the South Asian community are not engaging with local services at the same rate as other communities, despite needing the support which is available. Those who do engage tend to do so when the problem has become very serious, resulting in the issues becoming harder to treat and support.

Factors which are preventing engagement with services include being unaware of the services available and being unwilling to approach services due to cultural stigma. However, it has become evident that service providers need support in understanding the South Asian culture and background.

Changing Suits has worked with various local and national organisations, to raise awareness about their services, break down barriers between the community and service providers,  and to engage with the South Asian community. 

We provide tailor-made services to organisations to engage with the South Asian community, through events, data collection and podcasting

Our local team are embedded within the UK South West South Asian community and are able to provide a platform for organisations to spread their important messages.

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The Changing Suits Podcast is available to service providers to gain insight into this community on various topics, which is likely to include your service area. Please find the Podcasts here