Awareness Event

Changing Suits hosts a range of health awareness events, focussing on high priority health areas for the South Asian community. The events are a great way for the community to come together and learn about health issues and how local services can support the community’s needs. These events give the public an opportunity to learn from medical professionals and local service providers, as well as ask questions to gain a better understanding of what steps they can take to maintain good health or manage conditions.

Our first event was to Raise Awareness about Breast Cancer in the South Asian community. Changing Suits co-hosted the event with specialist breast surgeon Ms Anushka Chaudhary. The event was attended by over 300 people and a range of local services providers, and allowed men and women from the South Asian community an opportunity to gain information. To read the independent statutory body, Healthwatch, report on the event please click here

Wellbeing Workshops

Changing Suits offers free workshops, where attendees are able to socialise with others in the community whilst learning a new skill. The Wellbeing Workshops provides a fun and safe space for attendees to meet new people and share their experiences in a relaxed environment.

These workshops have allowed attendees to learn mendhi design and painting, whilst also encouraging discussion on the importance of maintaining individuals wellbeing and looking after their mental health.

Taboo!Talk Online Discussion Forum

Taboo!Talk is a monthly online discussion forum, where  attendees are able to discuss specific taboo topics openly with an expert panel. The forum is a safe space where people can share the opinions and experiences, and ask questions to the panel.

All attendees are encouraged  to contribute to the discussion, but can listen in if they prefer to do so.

The previous Taboo!Talk forums included discussions on Asian culture and the Western world, and fertility issues in the south Asian community. 

Sahara Health Fair

Throughout the year Changing Suits hosts a series of community based health fairs to raise awareness about mental health within the South Asian community. Presentations are given by Consultant psychiatrists to provide information about stress and anxiety, dementia and depression. The fairs are also attended by local service providers who provide attendees with information about a range of  local health services.